Okay don't laugh,but I was blinking (twice) in this photo lol, but this is me and St. Paul Peterson from the increidbly talented musical family the Petersons.

"Click here" to read more about Paul and his accomplishments.

  • The Mc Clain Sisters - I had the opportunity to meet China Anne Mc Clain and her sisters at the Mall of America. As you can see I was sporting my Awwwwwh Beans! pullover. Each one of the sisters received a white hoodie, 2 hair scrunchies and a Beandana in a custom made large pink Swagg Bagg.
  • The Wanted (Boy Band) Beandanas - These Beananas were hand delivered to The Wanted Band members
  • The Wanted received these Beandans - This is a photo that we took on the way to delivering Beandanas to the boy band The Wanted.
  • Ooops, Awwwwwh Beans! - How did this get in here, It's one of the stars of my online comic "Awwwwwh Beans!" It's Suka Lew Plushie & believe it or not the Real Suka Lew. My comic was inspired by my dog Suka Lew (and yes the real Suka Lew is photo bombing her plushie lol).
  • Retired Minnesota Timberwolves Superstar Latrell Sprewell - My Dad and I were just walking through Target and guess who we bumped into‚Ķ. none other than 4x NBA All-star Latrell Sprewell!
  • Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake Beandana sets - This is a picture of The Beandanas sets that were hand delivered to recording artists Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake.
  • Pink Swagg Baggs - The Mc Clain sister & Miley Cyrus received these Swagg Baggs full of goodies
  • The Mc Clain sister & Miley Cyrus received these SML products in a large Pink Swagg Bagg
  • Legendary Hollywood Actor James Hong - I'm sure that you've seen Mr Hong in many movies, the one that I'm most familiar with is Kung Fu Panda, He was the voice of Po's father, you know the cook with the secret ingredient. Can you believe it he actually asked me that question at this event.
  • (R&B sensation) India Arie 2 Beandana set - This is a picture of a Beandana set that we were fortunate enough to present to R&B singer India Arie
  • Cupcake - Food Network 2012 Cupcake Wars Grand Champion This is a picture of the Food Network's 2012 Grand Champion of The Cupcake Wars Kevin Vanderaa & Alicia. This was an event that they held to celebrate their big win!!
  • Colbie Caillat Beandana and Sarai Mica scrunchies - This is a picture of Sarai Mica hand delivered to Pop singer Colbie Caillat.
  • Sarai with up and coming Super Stars KidFly, and Shanell McCoy


Over the past couple of years we have been excited and fortunate enough to have been able to share our product line with some really great people.