Since a young age, I have been fascinated by expanding my spectrum of knowledge, hence the development of my very extensive background in a multitude of skills and experience. I have a big passion for the arts from illustration, to photography and much more. The following are some of the things I’ve been up to over the years.

Pick Your Brain Game - Co-developer / Designer / Logo & Graphic Artist 2017 - Present
PYB Is a game that I co-created with my grandmother. I designed the logo and created a playability matrix that identifies patterns in individual / group player performance. I was involved in this project from the start. www.pickyourbraingame.com

0 Gravity Entertainment - Owner 2014 - Present
0 Gravity Entertainment is a website dedicated to featuring various types of arts and entertainment. This means that we feature a multitude of art forms such as illustration, dance, architecture, film, music, and many others. My goal is to spread recognition of these arts on a larger scale through this website, and acknowledge arts from all around the world in one centralized place. www.0gravityentertainment.com

Picky Pup Pet Products - Owner & Co-Developer 2013 - Present
Picky Pup is a dog food flavor enhancer that I created that increases flavor to your dogs existing meal. Picky Pup is designed to encourage consistent & healthy eating. I am currently selling Picky Pup on our website at www.picky-pup.com

YA Stylus - Co-owner & Designer 2011 - Present
YA Stylus is a stylus that my Dad and I designed. YA Stylus was manufactured in Minnesota and we are currently selling our styluses on our website (www.yastylus.com) as well as a few local boutiques and stores.

Sarai Mica - Owner 2005 - Present
Sarai Mica is a business that I established when I was 5 years old for the purpose of selling homemade chocolates and handmade soaps, my very first products as a young business owner. I was able to establish and officially register my business with the State of Minnesota as a Sole Proprietor.


July 2017
I was a hand-picked tabling artist at The Chapel Comics ‘Chapel Con’ convention in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

June 2017
I was invited as a guest artist to celebrate Wonder Woman Day at Dreamer’s Vault in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

May 2013 - Present
I have participated annually as a guest artist at Dreamer’s Vault in St. Louis Park and South Minneapolis for the nationwide ‘Free Comic Book Day’ event held at their stores.

October 2010 - Present
I am a tabling artist (creator) at Midwest Comic Book Association’s conventions that are held twice a year at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Additionally, I was an instructor in the 2016 conventions children’s art workshop.


July 2017
I was invited to speak at St Catherine’s University on my experience as a young comic artist /illustrator and author.

I was a special guest speaker at Olsen Middle School to introduce and discuss my book ‘The Land of Egypt’ as well as my experience as an entrepreneur. I was later invited back as a mentor to 7th / 8th grade students.

Author Josiah Jackson invited me to join her speaking engagement as a special guest at Sumner Library to speak about my experience as a self published author.


2017 - present
‘838 MV’ is an original science fiction thriller novel I have written and illustrated that is expected to hit shelves in 2018. My goal is to first have this book available on iTunes and Amazon.

August 2013
Created and published a body of my illustration work in eBook format entitled ‘My Manga Universe’ https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/my-manga-universe/id687122430?ls=1

May 2012 - May 2014
I acted as creator, writer and illustrator of my original ‘Awwwwwh Beans!’ web comic based on true events related to my husky Suka. www.saraimica.com/comic.php

I wrote and self-published a book entitled ‘The Land of Egypt’ accompanied by an interactive CD-ROM.

• Noir (Multiple Instruments)
• Electric Fetus (EP currently sold at)
• Parkway Theater (EP release event) 10/17
• City Pages feature 10/17
• Commercial jingles